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Back Stabilization

» Decrease Back Pain
» Improve Back Function and Mobility
» Home Maintenance Training
» Reduce Spasms, Strains and Sprains
» Recover from Back Surgery

The Back Program at Indigo is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program designed to decrease back pain, increase function, and provide you education on a home maintenance program to ensure you a quick and safe return to your job and lifestyle.

Our team of rehabilitation specialists will incorporate a specific Low Back Program tailored to your individual needs. The program will meet the needs of the injured worker, weekend warrior, injured athlete or anyone suffering from decreased mobility due to back pain. The program will provide an educational component that is designed to increase your knowledge of the diagnosis, prognosis and the cause of the injury and pain.

The program may benefit those with:

     - Chronic Low Back Pain
     - Degenerative Disc Disease
     - Herniated Disc
     - Osteoporosis
     - Spondylolisthesis
     - Stenosis
     - Sprains/Strains
     - Muscle Spasms
     - Post Operative Procedures

The initial visits will include a comprehensive assessment to establish an individualized treatment plan. The plan may include:

     - Work Specific Exercises
     - Functional Activities
     - Core Strengthening
     - Dynamic Stabilization
     - Flexibility
     - Manual Therapy
     - Various Modalities
     - Cardiovascular conditioning

Communication is always provided between our clinicians and your referring physician, care manager, and you to ensure all parties are involved in goal setting and decision making. A home exercise program is also established to assist in increasing your optimum functional outcomes. After discharge, you have the option to join our fitness program where you can continue with your gains independently.

Most health insurance accepted so contact the nearest clinic and we will help get things started.

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