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Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

» Restores Strength and Range of Motion
» Detailed, Targeted Programs
» Focused on Improving Functional Skills
» Getting You Back to Your Life

Orthopedic Rehabilitation focuses on problems of the musculoskeletal system - muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Orthopedic clinicians diagnose, manage and treat injuries of the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitate patients right after orthopedic operations. At Indigo, our clinicians specialize in treating post operative joints, acute injuries due to sporting activities or everyday injuries, arthritis and amputations.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation is essential to restore the patient's activity, strength and motion right after injury or surgery. Orthopedic patients typically have deficiencies and weaknesses which could be eliminated or alleviated via specific targeted workouts. A specialized clinician will show the patient and teach them the appropriate workouts designed to restore and enhance function and minimize the problems. Orthopedic clinicians are educated about surgical procedures and are able to adapt and adjust their knowledge to treat each individual patient.

Orthopedic rehabilitation programs and treatments include but are not limited to:

     - stretching
     - strengthening
     - balance/proprioception
     - passive stretching and joint mobilizations
     - modalites to decrease swelling and increase circulation and healing times

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Indigo Programs:

General Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Our basic physical therapy and recovery program focuses on not only healing the injury or condition, but on prevention of future injuries.

Worker's Comp Rehabilitation

We return patients to work as soon as possible, reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and reduce employer's costs and lost time.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our Sports Medicine program is designed to rehabilitate, recondition and return athletes to their pre-injury level of activity.

Rehabilitation for Seniors

Our Medicare-friendly program for senior patients is perfect for recovery from physical injuries or impairments and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Our auto injury rehabilitation program will assist you in returning you to your normal, daily, living activities as soon as possible.