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The Senior Care Program is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation and fitness program specifically designed to improve the functional independence of the elderly. The program is offered as a proactive, first-line of treatment, specifically when certain conditions such as edema, soreness, stiffness, and general weakness exist.

Upon meeting therapy treatment goals, patients may continue in a specially designed fitness program, thereby building upon their initial gains. Additionally, communication relative to progress made is provided to the referring physicians.

Our program was created to rehabilitate the following:

     - Orthopedic Disorders
     - Stroke/CVA
     - Arthritis
     - Vestibular Disorders
     - Gait Disorders
     - Spatial Disorientation and Balance Disorders
     - Osteoporosis
     - Balance Disorders

The program combines evaluation, education, rehabilitation treatments, and modalities to improve functional independence. The program may be appropriate for seniors that are deconditioned, secondary to acute or chronic orthopedic and/or neurologic disorders. Each prospective participant is evaluated to determine their condition. The program is approved by Medicare and is also covered by most private health insurances.

Services provided include but not limited to:

     - Physical Therapy
     - Occupational Therapy
     - Reconditioning Exercises
     - Vestibular Rehabilitation
     - Balance Retraining
     - Gait Training
     - Fitness Programs

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Indigo Programs:

General Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Our basic physical therapy and recovery program focuses on not only healing the injury or condition, but on prevention of future injuries.

Worker's Comp Rehabilitation

We return patients to work as soon as possible, reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and reduce employer's costs and lost time.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our Sports Medicine program is designed to rehabilitate, recondition and return athletes to their pre-injury level of activity.

Rehabilitation for Seniors

Our Medicare-friendly program for senior patients is perfect for recovery from physical injuries or impairments and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Our auto injury rehabilitation program will assist you in returning you to your normal, daily, living activities as soon as possible.